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“Her stories and openhearted musings spark reverie, reflection and respect…McKissock reminds us to embrace the mystery [of death] with a full heart.”
—Amy Wright Glenn, PhillyVoice

“McKissock does something unique in her memoir about hospice nursing: she imbues the dying experience with the magical, the sacred and the natural. With lyrical prose and a lovely style for storytelling, McKissock challenges our fears about death and inspires hope. The great stars of the book are its ensemble cast of patients, but we get a full glimpse of Nina The Nurse, too: how she relates to patients, the feelings she experiences, the ways in which her life is changed forever because of her work.”
—Meaghan O’Keeffe, RN, BSN
ScrubbedIn (

“From Sun to Sun is sensitive, enlightening, honest and compassionate at every turn of the page. Readers will experience the roller coaster of emotions that is the life of those in hospice care.”
Lee Ambrose, Story Circle Book Reviews